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Two Poems written by Sr Ellen Galvin RSC

Sr Ellen shares two of her poems - "Creation" and "Threshold"

Gift from a loving Father
Who longed for earthly company, none available
For there was no earth.

Only a marshy, water-logged voidCreation
The Spirit hovered over the dark space
Dry land appeared with potential.

Light and darkness were divided
The sun to light and warm the day
Moon and stars illumined the night

Sunshine and rain produced life
Animals large and small, heavy with young
All were named according to kind.

Fish filled the waters of the sea
Millions of species swarmed the clean water
Delightful to behold.

Birds battled for sky space
Striking a medley irresistible to a hearing ear
Bringing a note of joy to all.

Flora and fauna erupted
Earth became paradise beautiful to behold
A longing, caring Mother Earth.

Earth produces food in abundance
The Father opens His hands, filling all creatures with goodness
Let the heavens ring forth your glory.

Let us live peacefully with our brothers and sisters
The snails, spiders, magpies, frogs and humans
Such are our living earthly family.

Mother Earth nourished our ancestors
From whom we partake of her generosity
Mother Earth we thank you

With hearts full of love
With open arms we embrace Mother Earth
As she embraces all.

Father awaken all to your presence
Open our eyes to your constant gift of beauty and love
And show us our oneness.

Standing at the threshold
Wondering, no gate opens to allow entranceThreshold
Why is the gate locked?

You are already inside
Look around you, the gate is no barrier
You are beyond the threshold.

Open your eyes to the glory
Heaven beyond the threshold with earth is one,
See His hands, His footprints

In colour, rainbow splinters everywhere
Cornflower blue, yellow primrose, multicolour roses and lavender
Reflect the glory of His presence.

He is here, so no waiting
His beauty saturates us in His Divinity
We have been given of His fullness.

If only we can take it
Joy, Love, Peace, Eucharist, His total self
Open my senses with gratitude.