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A Farewell Tribute

Sr. Catherine Ryan 002 2Greeting from California, where we have experienced many changes in the Region since Covid restrictions took place. The most difficult thing was the isolation from each other, especially those who were in nursing homes. Once the lockdown was lifted and we began to receive the vaccine, we were able to start visiting our sisters and many were able to visit family in Ireland.

Life has changed for the Region as two of our sisters discerned about retiring to Ireland to be closer to family members.Sr. Catherine Ryan returned to Ireland in July and was assigned to the Ard Mhuire community in Harold’s Cross. Sr. Catherine came to California in 1963 where she was a teacher and principal in many of our schools. In 1984 she was appointed Regional leader and after her term of office and a sabbatical year, she spent a year in Zambia teaching before returning to California. In 1992 she became the director of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and adult education at Saint Monica’s parish. Eventually, Catherine became the Pastoral Associate in Saint Monica’s. Catherine was a well loved mentor to many people and her gentle manner inspired individuals to become the best persons they could be. Catherine is missed by the sisters and her many friends. We wish her every blessing and happiness in this new phase of her life.

Sr. Angela Flavin returned to Ireland in September to be closer to her family. Sr. Angela first arrived in California in 1962, and ministered as a teacher until 1967. She returned to Ireland and spent 7 years in Lakelands before returning to California and was engaged in catering. After a period of study, she became a dietitian. Sr. Angela baked delicious cakes and breads which we enjoyed at many of our Regional meetings. In 2000, Sr. Angela became the Religious Services Coordinator at Holy Cross Cemetery. Here, her kindness to grieving families was outstanding. She grasped the vulnerability of the people during these occasions of sadness and was able to provide comfort and support through the religious service she organized. Sr. Angela retired in 2018 but continued to have a keen interest in this ministry and was an enormous help when we were preparing the funeral services of our sisters.
The departure of Catherine and Angela has left a huge void in the life of our region and many will miss their presence here.

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