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Californian Region’s Jubilee Celebration for Sr Madeleine

2019 12 madeleine thumbOn Saturday November 9th the Region gathered joyfully at the Paseo community to celebrate Sr Madeleine Meagher’s Golden Jubilee. Fr. Eamon O’Gorman presided at a liturgy in the community room and shared a deep and soul stirring reflection on apocalyptic love and friendship.

He reminded us that after years of faithfulness, we only have to look at the person with reverence to see the gift they have been. Madeleine renewed her vows at the liturgy.

The celebration meal was preceded by hors d’oeuvres and drinks as sisters caught up with each other with time to visit. Married couple, caterers Trisha and George, prepared the salmon and pork loin with delicious accompanying dishes. The house was extraordinarily and tastefully decorated by Anna Marie McLaughlin and Eva Bryan the night before. Fresh bouquets of roses and lilies in each room as well as balloons and table decorations livened up the party.

2019 12 madeleine1After the meal Edith created and facilitated entertainment with a poetry and musical offering. An 8th grade student, Annalee Smith from St. Joseph’s School played her flute for some of the musical interludes. Within a relaxing, contemplative ambiance, Edith shared deeply moving poetry which included poets John O’Donohue, Mary Oliver and Antonio Machado. A joyful, reflective atmosphere woven with golden threads of commitment to Vocation, Community, Faith and Family graced the evening. These four commitments were mirrored in the poetry chosen and awakened us to the giftedness of Madeleine’s life —lived in love and service.
We ended the evening holding lit candles with the music “Go Light Your World” sung by Chris Rice.

2019 12 madeleine2We were all so grateful to the 14th St. Community who organized such a great party! Sisters Eva Bryan, Anna Marie McLaughlin, Claire Fleming and Teresa Doherty lovingly prepared this memorable celebration for Madeleine. Thanks also due to the hospitality of the Paseo Community: Sisters Michelle Hetherington, Una McMahon and Mary Murphy.