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Anti Human Trafficking

Contemplative Sustainability

2016-7ahtreflection-thumbFor those of us involved in the multiple facets of fighting human trafficking, it has a price. We hear painful stories while growing in sensitivity and compassion for the suffering of victims.  Listening to the horrendous stories, up against systemic injustice and organized crime, and fighting for benefits for survivors demands a commitment and a strong personal support system. How can we continue without compassion fatigue, burnout or cynicism?  How can we be attentive to trauma stewardship and be mindful of the resources that sustain us in the work?

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2016-7traffickcamOur sisters in the U.S. have told us about an innovative way of helping fight sex trafficking through the use of a special app that can be downloaded onto smart phones, or android devices.  This app TraffickCam, released in January 2016, is an app which allows users to upload photos of hotel rooms when travelling.  

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Acting on our Congregational Strategic Plan

You-Can-Stop-Human-Trafficking-250wOne of our Congregational objectives in our strategic  plan is:  In order to respond to the ever-increasing scope and diversity of human trafficking we will create opportunities in our areas to further educate ourselves and our sisters over the next two years on internal trafficking within their various countries, particularly the trafficking of children. 

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Anti-Human Trafficking Activities in The Nigeria Region

0416-nigeria-trafficking-thumbThe Religious Sisters of Charity worldwide is committed to the abolition of Human Trafficking and care of the earth. In the Nigerian Region, we join our Sisters in other part of the globe in this struggle.  We are engaged in awareness raising and sensitization programmes in both rural and urban areas where we live and work.   Using posters, flyers and drama we portray the reality of trafficking.  

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Resilience in women survivors

In California Sr Kathleen Bryant recently wrote an article for Global Sisters Report to mark the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.  Click on the following title to read Sr Kathleen’s article - Resilience in women survivors. Click on the 'Continue Reading' link below to to see a YouTube video that shares the wisdom from women who survived human trafficking and are now thriving. What can they teach us about hope and the sources of resilience.

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Human Trafficking happening in the UK

02-trac-logoThe inter-Congregational campaigning and awareness raising group, TRAC, to which Sr Pat Kenny and Sr Patricia Byrne belong on behalf of the English/Scottish Province, has produced cards for distribution in the UK. They aim to highlight that human trafficking happens in the UK and to enable people to be aware and to take action.

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Challenges to fighting Internal Trafficking in Zambia

Discussions on human trafficking, which can be described as trade in human beings, make a distinction between cross-border and internal trafficking. As the name suggests, cross-border trafficking happens when a victim is transported to another country and exploited there while internal trafficking occurs within that country’s borders. In some countries, cross-border trafficking is more widespread while in others, internal trafficking is.

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RSCs in Los Angeles protest to raise awareness of human trafficking

Recently Sisters of Charity joined families, high school students and human trafficking survivors as they marched in protest of labor and sex trafficking. About 500 activists held signs and chanted as they walked through Koreatown, a Los Angeles neighborhood known for cases of human trafficking. See the Press Report HERE.