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Safeguarding Policies

We, the Religious Sisters of Charity, cherish and affirm each child and vulnerable adult as a gift from God and we acknowledge each person’s inherent right to dignity of life and bodily integrity. We will strive to ensure that this right is respected, nurtured and protected by all.
Everyone in our organization has an obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of children and vulnerable adults are respected.

We are committed to ensuring that each member of our organization is aware of and complies with this obligation. We do this by requiring that:

  • Each Province and Region have and implement a robust Policy for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults in its area, to be reviewed/updated every two years. A copy of these policies is held in the Generalate.
  • These policies draw on the standards and guidance documents of the Catholic Church as well as on other relevant documents/legislation in the parts of the world where we work.
  • ‘A Designated Person’ (and a Deputy) are appointed in each province/region who receive adequate specialist training to fulfil this role. The contact details of the ‘Designated Person’ are prominently displayed in each Sister of Charity organization and community.
  • Each Sister of Charity community and organization appoint a ‘local safeguarding representative’ to promote the safeguarding of children/vulnerable adults within that community or organization and to act as a point of contact and to liaise with the Designated Person as necessary. This is usually the local community leader or person in charge of a ministry/project.
  • Each Province and Region completes and submits to the General Leadership Team an annual self-audit of their implementation of their policy. (This is submitted with the Province/Region Annual Report).
  • Child Protection procedures are reviewed during Formal Visitation of any house.