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11 February: World Day of Prayer for the Sick

world day of sickAs we approach World Day of Prayer for the Sick which takes place on 11th February, we take time to reflect in prayer on all those who are sick at this time whether in mind or body. Our congregation was founded on the basis of service of the poor, a service we continue to give all over the world to those in need, which includes those who are sick.

Mary Aikenhead was so troubled by the lack of facilities available for the sick poor she was determined to provide a place where the poor could be treated. St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin opened its doors in 1834. Since then the Sisters have been engaged in health care ministry throughout the world. They have been providing care from birth to end of life.

Perhaps today we can each make a conscious effort to visit someone you know who is sick or lonely. We remember all our healthcare professionals who serve in our hospitals, clinics and home care facilities. We also hold in prayer the many family members who care for their loved ones at home often with very little professional help.