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Counselling / work with families

The Valley Family Center was founded in 1987. Two sisters are currently engaged in full-time ministry there.
They work primarily with couples, the majority of whom are from Latin American countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, and a small number from the Philippines. They belong to the low and very low income community and struggle to cope with the lifestyle and pressures of sophistication which Southern California puts on them. In addition to this the staff facilitate groups for Perpetrators and Victims of Domestic Abuse – men, women and children, as well as Parenting classes and a 'Fatherhood project". There is also a Learning Center which provides after-school tutorials for children failing in school, who, without assistance, would be likely to drop out of school and join gangs. The staff and volunteer tutors have seen incredible success with the children and young people who have attended.

At the beginning of 2009 The Staff at Valley Family Center began collaboration with the Children's Institute of Los Angeles to introduce a Fatherhood Program at the Center.   The purpose of the group is to help Fathers develop a better relationship with their children.  Some of the fathers have previously been enrolled in the domestic violence perpetrators groups at the Center. The children come to various age groups, and the significant others are also invited to group.   We have received raving reviews from the Directors of the Children's Institute on what we have done with this program.   
The groups for the adults are offered in English and Spanish. 
In June, Valley Family Center began a group for teenagers who have been sexually molested.  This group is going very well and tragically is in high demand.   As in all of our group programs many of the participants are also attending for individual therapy.

The above programs are facilitated by licensed and intern Marriage and Family therapists.
On 8th October 2009 Valley Family Center will host our Annual Fall Fund-raiser - a Raffle for a Trip to Hawaii - 6 nights and 7 days.   This is a donation from the William H. Hannon Foundation.   We are very grateful to Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, Mr William Hannon's niece, for making this prize available to VFC for many years.   We are also very grateful to Madde Carpiac - one of our Associates, and her husband Andy who donate the delicious Cappuccino Bar, and to Carlos Haro, of Casa Blanca in Venice, for donating a delicious buffet dinner.

Sr. Carmel Somers, RSC at the Valley Family Centre Education Program.

Therapist at the Valley Family Centre, Sr. Una Connolly, RSC