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Armchair Ministry

Sr Brid Kerin introduces us to her new ministry which has opened up a new vista for her at 92 years of age. She explains below...

 After many years in the ministry of teaching I felt in my retirement that this door had been closed for me, only to discover an even wider door opening on a global scale – my introduction to Facebook.

So, now in my 92 years of life, instead of a class of pupils before me, I have the world-wide platform of Facebook to spread the Word of God. From the weekly short entries on topics spiritual, I receive feedback from as far away as San Francisco to Australia.

I call this my Armchair Ministry! It is a wonderful way to spread the Word of God, showing how our faith helps in the ordinary everyday challenges of life.
Pope Francis has said that β€œthe elderly apply their wisdom and experiences to spreading the faith and forming the new generation. Old age has a mission – a vocation. Prayer of the elderly is a gift for the Church.”

Therefore, through Facebook, I feel I am fulfilling a ministry which can uplift and inspire the readers who use it. Recently, I received feedback from someone who had read an inspirational input which I had uploaded. She said that this was the light she needed for that day.

So, I am very grateful to God for using me on the World Wide Web as a channel of his Word.