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Our focus areas

companions 300pxIn 1802 our foundress, Mary Aikenhead, was inspired by the Lazarus and Dives story from St Luke’s Gospel (16:19-31).  It is the founding story of our Congregation and it led to Mary Aikenhead’s decision to dedicate her life to the service of the poor.
In 2013 the Congregation was challenged to embrace the story anew and discover its meaning for today, when in July/August delegates from every part of the Congregation came together for the General Chapter in Larne, Northern Ireland.

At this gathering we drew up a plan for the next six years.  There was a strong desire for us to explore and deepen our understanding of our founding story.  The General Chapter of the Congregation called each Religious Sister of Charity to let the founding story echo in her heart and claim anew the founding mission in today’s world.
In accordance with the statement of our 2013 General Chapter, Companions at ‘a new table’, our Congregation will focus on committing ourselves to do our best to:

  • embrace each other in love as sisters, RSCs, united in mind and heart.
  • collaborate together and with our colleagues in mission and ministry, in being advocates for a world where justice towards all creation is embraced.
  • be responsible stewards of all God’s gifts.
  • exercise responsible and empowering leadership.
  • value diversity in all its forms as we live out our charism.
  • live with a loving and compassionate heart.
  • commit ourselves once more to be a voice for all who suffer injustice, especially women who are victims of exclusion, abuse and discrimination.
  • recognize the interconnectedness of all things and that every act of love sends healing energy throughout the cosmos – the entire network of creation.
  • respect human life from conception to natural death.

For the full Chapter Statement Companions at ‘a new table’ click HERE.