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Care of the Earth

Celebrate Earth Day 2019

1904 earth day thumbEarth Day is celebrated on 22nd April annually since it was first established in 1970. Arguably the need to Care for the Earth is the most urgent issue of our time. Unfortunately, the nature of global politics often pushes this need to the back of government agendas as they focus on economics, health, educational and social issues.

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Cry Of The Earth Cry Of The Poor

1904 cry of the earthLenoardo Boff in his book ‘Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor’ defined what are now primary pillars of catholic eco theology and environmental ethics, justice for the poor and justice for the earth. Boff’s work broadened theology’s gaze to include the natural world. It reasserted people’s place within creation.

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Earth Our Common Home

1810 cote thumbAt the International meeting of our Congregational Care of Earth Committee in Caritas in August 2018 we spent the week deepening our understanding of who we are in the evolving, expanding universe. We reflected on how Earth, our common home, cares for us through its living systems (Sun, Air, Soil, Water, Companionship of all). Seeing how Earth nourishes and sustains us, we realised our role is to work in partnership with planet Earth.

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July is Plastic Free Month

July is Plastic Free month in over 50 countries. We have all been alerted in recent times through the media, the internet and social media of the enormous damage plastic pollution causes to humans, land, sea, animals, wildlife. David Attenborough in Blue Planet II highlighted very graphically and touchingly the destructive impact of thrown away plastic. This month we are invited to become part of the solution by saying no to single use plastic. All information available on website PLASTIC FREE JULY.  You are also invited to sign the 4Rs Pledge - Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. The hope is that refusing plastic will become part of our everyday life. Good Luck.