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Season of Creation 2021

Season of Creation 2021CREATION TIME 2021.
The theme selected for Creation time 2021 is A Home for all, renewing the Oikos of God.
We celebrate the season mindful that our world continues to deal with the Covid crisis as well as climate and biodiversity crisis. We encourage you to sign the HEALTHY PLANET HEALTHY PEOPLE petition endorsed by the Holy See as a key action for this season of creation. (Google the above and the petition appears!).  READ MORE..


.During the 2021 Season of Creation, from 1st September through 4th October, thousands of Christians on six continents get together for a time of restoration and hope, a jubilee for our Earth, and to discover radically new ways of living with creation.

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Celebrating the Feast of The Assumption - 15th August


As we prepare to celebrate one of the most important dates for the Congregation each year, 15th August, we are reminded that Mary Aikenhead had a great devotion to Our Lady and for this reason she chose the feast of the Assumption to be the Patronal feast of the Congregation.

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News from Konzalendo, Malawi

malawi 2021 thumbIn 2013 when I visited the sisters here the road was in a sorry state. The car slipped and slid on the mud. Now a main road passes right by the Parish compound which made our arrival on 27th May much easier. The area is full of steep hills and deep valleys and moving from place to place is a challenge on the dirt roads. In June we distributed 4 Bicycle ambulances to 3 of the local villages and to Konzalendo itself.

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Celebrating in Thanksgiving and Hope the 163rd Anniversary of Venerable Mary Aikenhead

mma 2021Thursday 22nd July marked the 163rd anniversary of Venerable Mary Aikenhead being born into Eternal Life. Mary Aikenhead who founded the Religious Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of Charity of Australia was remembered in thanksgiving by both Congregations in a moving Zoom ceremony. The ceremony was the end of a nine-day journey that started in both Congregations with a novena to Mary Aikenhead.

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Novena of Prayer

Screenshot 2021 07 07 at 17.00.26You are invited to join us in nine days of prayer through the intercession of Venerable Mary Aikenhead leading up to the celebration of the anniversary of her death at Harolds Cross on July 22nd 1858.  Click HERE for more information.

Religious Sisters of Charity Call on Minister of Health to Expediate Hospital Transfer

Thursday, 3rd June 2021: There is much public discussion in relation to the Religious Sisters of Charity and whether we are still, or will be involved in the management of St Vincent’s Hospital, the new maternity hospital or the new independent charity set up to take over the ownership of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group from the Religious Sisters of Charity. The answer is no. The Religious Sisters of Charity have no involvement now and will not have any future role in the management of St Vincent’s Hospital.  We will have no role, whatsoever, in St Vincent’s Healthcare Group, the new independent charity or the new maternity hospital.

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Looking at Nature with Reverence

Laudato Si weekAs we begin the Laudato Si week, the phrase, ‘looking at nature with reverence’ sums it all up.  We are invited and reminded how important it is to treasure our connectedness with the whole of creation. In other words, we appreciate nature and realize that we are just a part of God’s designed ecosystem.  This should be our main focus not just in this designated week but for all days to come.

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Earth Day: Restore Our Earth

Earth Day Image credits noah-buscher-x8ZStukS2PM-unsplashThis year we celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, in a world turned upside down by COVID 19. Now more than ever we know we are a global earth community who live in a common home.

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