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In Nigeria Public Universal Primary and Secondary Education is freely available to all.

Over the years, however, the quality of this education has deteriorated in most areas.

Nigerians value greatly the education of their children and they are prepared to make major sacrifices for this end.  Entrepreneurs have seen this demand as a great opportunity to enrich themselves and because of this there has been a ‘mushrooming’ of private schools all over the country in the past thirty years. Currently there are far more private schools than public – especially in the cities. The standard of these private schools varies greatly, but most are better than the public system. There are no governmental subsidies for private education and so fees are charged – from very high to low.

All mission schools in Nigeria are now private. These schools have a very high standard of education.     We are in charge of three private primary schools, each of which is under the proprietorship of the local Bishop. A modest fee is charged to each pupil, for general maintenance, staff salaries, etc. Many of the children who attend are very poor and their school fees are subsidised or they are on full scholarship.  In each of these schools we provide Nursery/Primary education for children aged 3-12 years.

1. Nazareth Primary School, Festac Town, Lagos

2. Sacred Heart Primary School, Ozoro, Delta State

3. Sancta Maria Primary School, Port Harcourt