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We Remember...

We ask you to remember in your prayers our sisters who have died recently.

May they rest in peace.

brid fordeSister Brid Forde

1935 - 2020

Born: 13th June 1935

Entered Religious Life: 11th October 1954

Died: 20th January 2020


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catherine hamiltonSister Catherine Hamilton

1926 - 2020

Born: 28th August 1926

Entered Religious Life: 8th October 1945

Died: 16th January 2020


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rose cashmanSister Rose Cashman

1924 - 2019

Born: 12th October 1924

Entered Religious Life: 3rd October 1949

Died: 27th December 2019


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bridget mortimerSister Bridget Mortimer

1924 - 2019

Born: 16th July 1924

Entered Religious Life: 8th September 1942

Died: 8th November 2019


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