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Living as religious sisters means living a vowed life. When we are professed as Religious Sisters of Charity, we make four vows: the three vows that most religious take and a fourth that is specific to our congregation. The vows are:


Chastity is God's gift to us which allows us to devote ourselves to God and to God's people. This means that we do not engage in any exclusive relationships. By our vow of chastity we are set free to be women for others, free to go where we are called and to minister where we are needed.


Our vow of poverty means that we live simply, and in a manner that is not beyond what can be afforded by people of modest means who have to work hard to support themselves and their families.


By our vow of obedience we are available to go wherever we are asked and to do whatever best serves God's people.

Service of the poor

Our 4th and particular vow of Service of the poor enables us to continue in the footsteps of Mary Aikenhead who sent her sisters to work with people who were poor, sick, vulnerable and marginalised.