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People living with HIV / AIDS

Many of the sisters in the field of Social Work are involved in HIV and AIDS-related ministry. This is understandable given the vulnerabilities the pandemic has exposed every family and community to. The prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS in Zambia is estimated at 14%.

Some sisters are involved in Psycho-social Counselling of the patient and their families, others in Home-Based Care activities such as voluntary counseling and testing, home visits and income generating for AIDS victims and their families, as AIDS often leave families poorer especially those already poor, which many Zambians are.

Other Social Work related ministries include running homecraft centres, working with St. Vincent De Paul in providing flood victims, especially widows and the elderly with shelter and training  students in Information Technology, carpentry and tailoring skills and Christian Ethics. Counselling services are extended to children on the street and to those trafficked.