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Sister Martha Magdalen PowerSister Martha Magdalen Power

1914 - 2011

Born: 10th March 1914

Entered Religious Life: 2nd October 1939

Died: 19th August 2011



Appreciation of Sr Martha Magdalen Power
Welcome given at Sr. Martha Magdalen's funeral by Sr. Monica Byrne

Today we are gathered together to give thanks to God for the Life of Sr Martha Magdalen Power – a great lady and a true Sister of Charity in every sense of the word.
I welcome you to this Celebration this morning - nieces and nephews, relatives and friends.
I would also like to welcome Sr Mary Christian our Congregational Leader and Sr Miriam Hennesey our Provincial Leader, and all the Sisters of Charity here today, with a special welcome for Srs. Arsenius and Joseph Martha, who are tuned into the Parish Radio in St. Monica’s and are with us in spirit.
There is a little phrase in the First Reading (Apocalypse 14:13) which says ‘her good deeds go before her’. There are many here this morning who have experienced Sr Martha’s good deeds through her teaching, as a principle, a colleague, as a superior and in community.
We all know Martha was unique – ponderous, decisive, deliberate but absolutely delightful. Her commitment to all her ministries was total - whether it was teaching in Kings Inn Street Secondary School, or in California - wherever she was she encouraged and supported many young women to follow their Vocation in Religious Life. Up to last year she was steadfast in responding to the suffering troubled people who wrote to her through St. Anthony’s Office.
Deep in her heart she was first and foremost a Sister of Charity. She had great love for and devotion to our Foundress Mary Aikenhead and spent a number of years working on her cause.
Her rock was God. She lived and worked to do what his desires were for her. Her ‘Yes’ was constant throughout her life and as she grew gracefully into old age she was able to let go in peace and serenity.
On Friday morning last, Sr Martha opened her eyes, smiled at Sr Marcella and said, “I’m alive”! Two hours later she was fully alive in the love, joy and peace of the Trinity which she will enjoy forever.
Each of us will have our own memories of Martha but I think her smile is one that will always remain with me. Her smile of welcome, her smile of gratitude and appreciation, her smile of delight. As a Sister of Charity she was an inspiration for me and for this I say ‘Thank You Sr Martha Magdalen for all that you have been for us.’