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Report from Prison Chaplains Conference, Tennessee

Sr. Teresa Doherty RSC, of the California/Venezuela Region attended a summer conference August 5 – 8 in Nashville, Tennessee for those working as Chaplains in Prisons, Jails and Juvenile Halls.  Sr. Teresa has worked with juvenile offenders at the same facility for 34 years!   
Here is what Sr. Teresa wrote about the conference:
The theme that was chosen was “Justice and Mercy are one” from St. Teresa of Avila. There were two speakers: Rev. David Link who spoke on “Ethics, Principles and Legal Issues confronting the Chaplain.”  Prior to his ordination, Father David was a Professor of Law at Notre Dame University.  After the death of his wife he studied for the priesthood, and is now a Chaplain at Leavenworth Federal Prison.  Father David stressed the fact that we must see each prisoner as a unique individual, regardless of his or her crime.  Prisoners are looking to us for a kind and comforting word, which will help them to believe in themselves.  He also stressed how important it is to plan for each prisoner’s re-entry back to the community.
The second talk was given by Dr. R. Wubbolding EdD, Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His lectures covered “Practical Ideas and Skills for Pastoral Counseling” and “Stopping Sabotage Thinking to Effective Behavior.”  His lectures covered many ideas. First, you as an individual make choices all day long.  You are responsible for your choices.  His practicum included how to deal with difficult people – dealing with blaming, resisting, whining, avoiding and excuse Making.  You, and you alone are responsible for your actions.