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Mary Aikenhead Ministries established in Australia

The Religious Sisters of Charity in Australia witnessed an historic day on 1st July 2009 when Mary Aikenhead Ministries became official!
The first Public Juridic Person of Pontifical Right granted to a religious congregation in Australia, Mary Aikenhead Ministries, sets an important precedent for other religious congregations in Australia.
A Public Juridic Person (PJP) is a Church body established to perform specific tasks entrusted to it in view of the common good and to perform these tasks on behalf of the Church.
Mary Aikenhead Ministries is a PJP whose task is to ensure the ministries established by the Sisters of Charity continue to flourish into the future - particularly in the context of changing realities for the congregation.  It is a move towards lay governance and follows the incorporation of their major ministries under Boards of Directors in the 1990s.
Under Mary Aikenhead Ministries the many ministries that have been established and developed by the Sisters since their arrival in Australia from Ireland in 1838  will now be governed by a group of Trustees consisting initially of members of the congregation and lay colleagues.  They are Richard Harpham, Elizabeth Dodds rsc, Linda Ferrington rsc, Rowena McNally and David Robinson.
The Trustees will ensure that the heritage, tradition and charism of the Sisters of Charity are taken purposefully into the future.

For more information visit the Mary Aikenhead Ministries website.