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Australian RSC GAP students visit Ireland

From 2nd-7th July 2009, four Australian students, together with Sr. Virginia Wilkinson rsc, visited Ireland to explore and experience the history of the Religious Sisters of Charity. Clare, Megan, Ros and Becc have already spent three months in Zambia working in various ministries with the sisters there. At present they are taking part in a three-month experience in St. Joseph's Hospice, Hackney, London.

During their hectic weekend in Ireland the GAP students visited all the places significant to Mary Aikenhead in Dublin and Cork. They also spent an afternoon at the Mary Aikenhead Heritage Centre and travelled to Glendalough to hear the story of St. Kevin. On top of that they spent a day in Foxford in Co Mayo to hear the story of the Foxford Woollen Mills, which was started by a Religious Sister of Charity in 1892.

At the end of the weekend these students were interviewed about their experiences so far. If you would like to hear each one talk about her experience please click on the videos below. If you would like to know more about the GAP experience, just visit the Australian congregation's website.