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UL bestows an honorary doctorate on Sr Stanislaus Kennedy

The University of Limerick (UL) has bestowed an honorary doctorate on Sr Stanislaus Kennedy describing her as “a shining example of charity, of goodness and an inspiration to many”. Sr Stan joined world-leading academic and political scientist Professor Brigid Laffan, ‘Godfather of Coaching’ Liam Moggan, and world-renowned physicist Professor Margaret Murnane who each received the award and were noted as ‘outstanding’ candidates by the University.

 Speaking on receipt of her award, Sr Stan was eager to highlight the support she has received from others throughout her life. “I really can’t accept this award for myself alone. You heard many achievements that have been attributed to me, but I could have achieved none of them were it not for the hundreds of people who supported me right back to my youth, back to my family, back to my parents.”

She also had advice for the almost 3,300 new graduates from UL who were conferred on the day. “If I have anything to say to you, as graduates today, it is always look out for the people who haven’t been able to be as privileged as you are.”

University of Limerick President Professor Kerstin Mey praised Sr Stan’s life work as the founder of Focus Ireland, the country’s largest voluntary organisation fighting homelessness, and her involvement in the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

“The bestowing of a UL honorary doctorate represents the opportunity to honour those who have inspired and worked tirelessly to make great contributions in their fields of endeavour. We honour four such individuals who have made unique and powerful contributions to history, charity, sport and science in this country.

“Indeed, the recipients of these honorary doctorates are great role models for all of us who show us how purpose can be built and how change can be engendered. They embody the art of making questions, the art of making solutions, and the art of making networks, key ingredients for thinking sustainably and acting with conviction and courage,””


For further reading on Sr Stan’s work with Focus Ireland, see here.


Caption: World-renowned physicist Professor Margaret Murnane, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy – or Sr Stan, Liam Moggan and Professor Brigid Laffan pictured at Plassey House before receiving their honorary doctorates from University of Limerick Picture: Sean Curtin/True Media