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St Vincents Healthcare Group Dublin

The Religious Sisters of Charity are pleased to confirm that the transfer of ownership of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group from the Congregation to the new independent, charitable body St Vincent’s Holding CLG is now completed. We wish all the staff and management of St Vincent’s and St Michael’s Hospital Dun Laoghaire well for the future in continuing to provide world class care serving the healthcare needs of the people of Ireland.

 Today is a significant milestone as the completion of all legal, financial and regulatory matters is the final conclusion of the Sisters’ 186-year involvement in St Vincent’s hospital.  Since July 2017, when our two representative Sisters stepped down from the Board of St Vincent's Healthcare Group, we have had no involvement in the running of the hospitals. The legal transfer today formalised the transfer of the substantial and valued healthcare facilities in the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group (as represented by shareholders’ funds in SVHG of €204 million as at 31 December 2020).

In 1834, our Foundress, Mary Aikenhead, established the first hospital in Ireland that freely admitted the sick and the poor, irrespective of their race, creed or ability to pay.  We have a long heritage of working to establish and provide healthcare services for the sick and poor in Ireland. It has been both a privilege and an honour to serve and support patients and their families over the last 186 years.

We will have no role in the future of the new independent Charity, the St Vincent’s Healthcare Group, St Vincent’s Holding CLG or the new National Maternity Hospital.

Our Sisters will continue to work with local communities in Ireland and abroad, caring for people who are sick and/or poor, those nearing the end of life, people who are homeless, refugees and those who are victims of human trafficking, as well carrying on our work to developing and delivering education programmes.