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Catholic Sisters Week

Catholic Sisters Week is being celebrted throughout the world from March 8 – 13. Spotlighting the work of Catholic Sisters that makes a difference in people’s lives, the event also seeks to educate others to help reverse the destruction of our planet. This year’s theme is Care for Earth, Care for You.

 With this theme in mind, we think of Religious Sisters of Charity all over the world who honor, respect, and work with the natural world to help it flourish. We have compiled a video taking you to different parts of the congregation, from camping in Yosemite in California, caring for the beauty of Ireland and England/Scotland in cultivated gardens and composting, to Zambia with a meditation on caring for the earth with gorgeous photos, and to Nigeria to experience sisters singing and praying as they water plants and care for Mother Earth. 

The Catholic Sisters Week website will include snapshots from many other events held to mark the week. If you remember a Sister in your story whom you want to express gratitude, this is your chance to pray for her and even send her a note.

Join the Religious Sisters of Charity and, in 9 minutes via video:

  • Visit gardens in England & Scotland
  • Hear a Sister sing and pray in Nigeria
  • See the beauty of nature in Zambia
  • Enjoy the landscapes of Ireland
  • Camp in Yosemite, California