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News from the Sisters in Airdrie, Scotland

Sisters 2 smallerSr. Mary McKeon writes... This year the Feast of the Assumption was on Sunday and we had a warm sunny day and a lovely dinner. Our special celebrations took place by joining a torchlight Procession in Carfin attended by over 1000 people from all over Scotland. Carfin is our National Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes and St.Therese. 

There is also a beautiful glass Chapel in the grounds. It was very moving and we were filled with gratitude to be there. I heard a few people say that as they cannot go to Lourdes they wanted also to thank our Lady for keeping them safe. On the 17th we had a Holy hour for vocations in Chapel hall which was very well attended.

Sunday 22nd was the National Pilgrimage to Carfin and 7 Bishops concelebrated Mass. There was Rosary in the evening, and we were also blessed with a lovely day.

Here is a brief update on the Sisters in our community in Airdrie.

Sr Catherine is always busy in the Hospice bringing Communion and visiting Patients also keeping in touch with relatives, staff and volunteers.                                                         

Sr.Agnes also has a full time job with House keeping, shopping and keeping us safe and up to date with maintenance. She also befriends some people referred to her from the  Hospice.
Srs May and Marie have a busy time while walking and talking to people in the Park also meeting the many people calling to the door.
Sr. Mary keeps in regular contact with people in the Parish.

We enjoy the Zoom meetings, seeing and talking to the Sisters. We are doing our best to pray and do what we can to save our Planet.

A Gentleman came to the door looking for a picture of the Nun! He had got one a few years ago. His friend has cancer and thought it would help them. I got the picture of Venerable Mary Aikenhead “That's her” was the reply and off he went after giving a donation. In the past he must have got the comfort and help he needed and wanted the same for his friend.
May Venerable Mary Aikenhead intercede for us all.

Sister Mary McKeonAirdrie Sisters

Lourdes Grotto Airdrie