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Looking at Nature with Reverence

Laudato Si weekAs we begin the Laudato Si week, the phrase, ‘looking at nature with reverence’ sums it all up.  We are invited and reminded how important it is to treasure our connectedness with the whole of creation. In other words, we appreciate nature and realize that we are just a part of God’s designed ecosystem.  This should be our main focus not just in this designated week but for all days to come.

The Zambia /Malawi Region does not want to remain behind in this noble global activity.  We have therefore, committed ourselves to this cause through a number of activities.

To begin we will participate in a Para-liturgy which will help us pray with nature.  Individual communities will choose a day in the Laudato Si week to have evening prayer outdoors.  This prayer will highlight our connectedness with all living and non-living things.  Moving out of our comfort zone will help us to make a deliberate move to embrace all that is around us.

In an attempt to raise awareness during this week, we have suggested that Schools and other institutions should find a way of marking this week. Perhaps schools might organize a ‘bio-blitz’ day for pupils. This means that pupils will be given an opportunity to go out and observe different species that are in the environment such as insects, birds, plants, lizards etc.

As Caritas community (Kabwe), we are very excited about our plan for the week. Pupils in our school have been sensitized about the importance of Laudato Si week and they have given their own brilliant suggestions to mark the week.   Besides having a ‘bio-blitz’, pupils have suggested that each classroom will have a Care of the Earth corner which will give an opportunity to each pupil (if they so wish) to put up their own writings about the care of the earth. These will be in the form of poems and will illustrate different insights on environmental issues. The activity will be a wakeup call for our pupils and co-workers on the importance of our co-existence on our common home - the earth.

We are looking forward to a blessed Laudato Si week and hope that all will go as planned. As Mary Aikenhead would rightly put it, ‘It matters not what we are doing as long as we do it with love’, in this case love of our “common home”.

Sr. Lweendo Moonga