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A Silver Lining Behind Covid-19

Sky lightIt stepped into our world uninvited

Left it in shackles unexpected.

With a smile, Covid-19 appeared

Thinking it would leave Mother Earth devastated.

But lo! As humanity went in for safety,

A part of family bonding became a reality.

Divided homes could resolve and smile

Children could feel the warmth of love denied.

As humans went in for their own safety.

Animals, both wild and tame

Dashed out, all of them in gaeity,

Freedom once denied, they play their games.

Media took its' place and informed

Minds informed and hands explored.

Great learning and great use emerged,

Novices in technology conquered.

Humanity realized that life is one

Colour, race, religion; everyone is equal

All hands on deck and together

Together to beat this dreadful scourge forever.

The beauty of souls emerged and blossomed

Each looking out for neighbours' comfort

Charity danced in the hearts of many

To seek out and reach out unweary.

Mother Earth smiles and laughs

Breathing out fresh air to humanity

Regaining its' balance and vigour lost

From the various damages she got.

Humanity realized its' helplessness

To the Omniscient God its' powerlessness

Hoping that soon and very soon

All will be over and this too will pass.

Sr. Gertrude Nkwocha RSC