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The Charity Of Christ Urges On

Religious Sisters of Charity Shalom Community FESTAC LagosThere seems to be no smile on the faces of those whose livelihood have gone down the drain because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Hence, preparation to welcome the infant Universal King at Christmas might seem meaningless. Nevertheless, it is our communal responsibility to bridge the gap between joyful expectation and hopelessness and thus help people to find meaning in life.

It would be of their great interest to understand that life can be celebrated even without gold or silver. It's a renewed opportunity to encounter the love of God our creator and embrace His offer of friendship to all human race. In the light of Christmas preparation, Sisters in FESTAC Town Lagos feel invited as a community to share our spiritual excitement and expectations through our annual Triduum/Renewal of Vows. Also, to reflect this spiritual exercise in the life of staff, co-workers, and friends rich and poor alike. It's a preparation that we all feel drawn to encounter Christ in the Anawims around, among and within us.

Our ability to pray in the light of all the mishaps helps us to identify the presence of God at work in our human frailties as well as in the face of the hopeless estate. We feel challenged to do for them more than just food and drink. The year 2020 has been a year with a very huge challenges that calls for a lifelong support, as in the case of Mr. Dignity Akunesi and family, Miss Rebecca Eguatu and the two children and Mrs. Ede and her children. As a community we shall identify with Mrs. Ede (a needy Widow) and her children. The community plan to help improve her trade as well as her child’s school fee.

Nevertheless, in our plan to celebrate Christmas with our friends amid the world’s new normal, we hope to encourage them to continue with the practice of staying safe by observing the protocols of the COVID-19 such as wearing of face mask. We hope to educate them on simple ways of making face mask.

As a community, the use of mobile phones and online communication has indeed reduced our frequent physical contact with those who desire to experience Jesus Christ by encountering Religious Sisters of Charity. However, the preparation for Christmas avail our clients the opportunity once more to participate in the Advent retreat for spiritual upliftment.

To Love and to share: it's time to bring smiles to faces of the vulnerable, such as children, women especially widows whose husbands or husband’s family has left with nothing. For some whose businesses are on the verge of collapse, we intend to give an extra support for viability and expansion of the business. Also we plan to share with them the basics of life that are within our limit, such as quality education, food and accommodation through profit oriented business/jobs  

Reassurance of Hope and Happiness: To celebrate Christmas in collaboration with friends of Religious Sisters Charity for our needy friends, our dear friends of Venerable Mary Aikenhead are making tremendous preparation to ensure that the joy and peace of Christmas can be celebrated in a better way even when all hope seems to be lost. This is to deepen the faith of the faithless by reassuring them that with God all things are possible. To crown it all, we have received bags of donated clothes from some families in order to change our clients’ wardrobes. Adequate provision is being made for them to have their celebration meal as we look forward to sharing with them what the rich can buy with money.

Sr. Monica Ichife RSC