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The Power of 25 Cents!

2007 cal thumbIn the California Region, Sylvia Valdez heads up the Human Trafficking Committee. As a lay collaborator and friend of Mary Aikenhead, Sylvia takes her activism seriously and continues to invite others into action. Recently Sylvia was honored by the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, the Waymakers, for her efforts among school children.

Sylvia belongs to the task force and attends meetings as an RSC associate as well as representing her HT awareness parish committee at St. Columban Catholic Church.

The Waymakers (Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force) have written an article on the success of the “Quarters for Survivors” fundraiser. The article written honors an RSC as well:

“Fifteen years ago Sister Bernadette Moran, Religious Sister of Charity (RSC) implemented the first Human Trafficking Awareness Ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Orange. The Religious Sisters of Charity are committed to eliminating human trafficking worldwide. Sister Bernadette asked Sylvia to continue her ministry after her death. Sylvia planned, designed, and implemented a Quarters for Survivors fund-raiser in memory of Sister. Sylvia said she hoped that involving the students at St. Columban Catholic School would renew the church community’s emphasis on stopping human trafficking.

The success of the St. Columban fund-raiser far exceeded Sylvia’s hopes and prayers. The students, grades pre k through eighth grade filled their class’s box with coins and dollar bills. At the end of the month, the coins counted just short of $1000.

For those reading in other countries, a quarter equals 25 cents! The children raised $1000 which goes to support the survivors of human trafficking. No one had ever donated that much money to the “Quarters for Survivors” program. We are so proud of Sylvia Valdez!

In the photo Kim Roberts, in charge of the quarter program is in the middle, holding the money box and picture of Sr. Bernadette Moran. On the left is Lihn Tran, leader of the Waymakers. Sylvia Valdez is on the right of Kim.

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