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Poetry and Music to Enrich our Spiritual Journey

Friday, September 6, 2019 - St. Monica Catholic Community, California

Each gathering of the church, every gathering of the human family is a one-off encounter. The 40 (plus) people who gathered for an enchanted evening of poetry, music, wine, chocolate and cheese cannot be reproduced, because the interactions that we had in the midst of enjoying inspirational poetry, expert commentary, a glass of champagne or Sonoma Merlot, Irish chocolate, AND our company that we shared this with cannot be reproduced.


Every encounter with another is sacred, the presenters and planner, Suzette Sornborger, Sr. Edith Prendergast, John Flaherty, Ellie Hidalgo, David Lara along with harpist and cello, set the stage for the gathered people to complete the work of art. Through poetry, song and environment, we were invited to pay attention, and to see worry for what it is, and ponder how God speaks to us, in the myriad ways of communication, written, spoken, seen, heard, tasted, touched.

We look forward to another similar event, with a new gathering of people, who will create a new work of art through the senses of an evening like this. John Flaherty reminded us that it is exactly this, LITURGY, that is the work of the people (laos-ergon in Greek). Your staff and parish leadership strive to make every gathering of St. Monica a Liturgy, that allows you to do your God given work - vocation – celebrate together, and go out into the world to transform it, having become a close follower of Christ.