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Season of Creation 2018

The season of creation is an annual celebration of prayer and action to care for creation. The season begins on 1st September, day of prayer for creation and ends on 4th October, feast of St Francis of Assisi. The theme of this years’ celebration is WALKING TOGETHER.  

We celebrate and give thanks for the abundant diversity of life that is our planet and are mindful of the ways we, the total community of life, care for one other. The earth provides us with all we need. “Creation can only be understood as a gift from the out stretched hand of the father of all and as a reality illuminated by the love which calls us together into universal communion”. Laudato Si 76. Join the celebration by in the words of Pope Francis in Laudato Si 222 “returning to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things, to be spiritually detached from what we possess and not to succumb to sadness for what we lack”.

Let us grow daily in our awareness of our responsibility to care for our common home
“it is the opening of eyes long closed.
It is the vision of far off things
Seen for the silence they hold.
It is the heart after years
Of secret conversing
Speaking out loud in the clear air”.                        
David Whyte from Songs of Coming Home.

You can look at Pope Francis’ message for CREATION TIME 2018 below.

Sr Mary Judge RSC