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The Heart of Sustainability – Eco Steps

1705 eco steps thumbSr Mairéad Ni Chuirc asks us ‘What Eco step will you take?’ - There are many websites and resources now available to help us take the necessary ‘eco steps’ to help to create a sustainable planet.   One resource I came across lately is a book 'The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring ecological balance from the inside out' by Andrés R. Edwards.   

Edwards suggests that we don’t need to look for heroes to fix the mess we’re in but rather to look in the mirror and ask questions like:

  1. What are my gifts?
  2. What are my talents?
  3. How can I take a giant leap to encourage friends, family and neighbours to take action?

Edwards challenges us to look within for solutions and to cultivate the capacity within each of us to create abundance, balance and goodness in the world.  He reminds us ‘You are enough — and one person does have power’.  

Sustainable development isn’t just about triple bottom lines, or enlightened self-interest; primarily, it’s a heart and soul story.
(Jonathan Porrit, Forum for the future)

1705 eco steps