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World Day Against Human Trafficking

1810 aht nigeria thumbOur sisters in Nigeria participated in the activities of World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July. They joined the entire Congregation and the whole world to express solidarity with all victims of human trafficking as part of the Congregation’s commitment for its abolition. Each community participated fully in different ways.

Some communities raised awareness among their staff members, parishioners and children. Some held prayer services, rallies and awareness drives on the streets. They distributed flyers, red cards and posters. They also used the services of a DJs who used both English and the Local language to disseminate information to the different villages visited in the Niger Delta Region. They also used drama to give concrete examples in the locality that the people knew. Many of the women present nodded their heads in affirmation of what was said.

In the Regional House the day was marked with prayers and input delivered by Srs. Micheline, Edna and Gloria to the staff. The sisters in the Regional House invited the staff to pray and participate in the action against human trafficking in Nigeria and in the world at large by sensitising neighbours, relatives and friends on the evil of human trafficking in society today.
1810 aht nigeriaThey were helped to understand that human trafficking is a problem that we all must collectively work to abolish. Children, girls, women and boys are being trafficked from villages, towns and cities to other parts of the States in Nigeria for sex slavery and child labour. They are equally trafficked to Europe, America, Asia and other African countries like Libya for the same purpose.

The information given to them include the fact that those who make their living through human trafficking could be family members, relatives, friends, husbands, fathers, aunties and uncles. Many are respectable persons. They have networks that enable them perpetrate this evil crime. They build their linkages with the officers of the law that makes it easy for them to carry out such evil deeds. All the staff present were encouraged to talk to their children, neighbours and other family members about this evil of human trafficking. In the knowledge, that the Sisters cannot do it alone.

People were to pray for the victims of human trafficking. It was made clear to them that every child has the right to live with their parent irrespective of their social status, whether rich or poor. The essence and need to report every shady activity both in the neighbourhood and on buses when travelling was highlighted as a means of saving and rescuing someone else’ life who could fall victim of human traffickers. Some of the staff shared their experiences on human trafficking, on how they were able to rescue a girl who would have been a victim and that human trafficking is equally rampant in Ghana.

There is great commitment among the sisters, their students and staff regarding awareness raising on Trafficking in Persons. They will continue to pray for victims and survivors of Trafficking in Persons and also participate actively in its eradication.

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