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Sister Mary O'Sullivan

1919 - 2011

Born: 29th May 1919

Entered Religious Life: 16th November 1938

Died: 3rd May 2011



Appreciation of Sr Mary O'Sullivan

Eulogy given at Sr. Mary O'Sullivan's funeral by Sr. Jacinta Boland

We are here to celebrate today the life of Mary O’Sullivan. It is wonderful that Fr. Noel is celebrating this final event in Mary’s earthly life. He has been so faithful all through the years coming to visit and spending time with her. Mary loved these visits and looked forward to them. We are also delighted to have her nieces - Kathleen, Vera, and Izzard  
And we remember John who cannot be here but will be remembered during this Mass. I can almost see the scene of Mary meeting the Lord. “Welcome, Welcome, good and faithful Servant, you have been faithful to me for so many years Come now and enjoy your reward”.
Today I just want to remember Mary as a Sister of Charity, a woman who spent seventy-three years of her life serving the Lord and serving many, many people. From Milltown to Bray then on to Rock Ferry and back to St. Vincent’s Hospital Dublin then back to Bath, Hammersmith on to Bray then  to Airdrie, Milltown. So many times she crossed the Irish Sea always going wherever she was sent. In those years life was very different and the journeys would have been long and tiring. Mary did what she was asked to do. In 1961 she came to Macclesfield to take on Parish Ministry, where she remained for sixteen years. Mary was committed to the people in Macclesfield, She then moved on to Basildon where she continued her Parish Ministry. During her time there she was also responsible for the Sacristy and took great care of the altar Cloths and seeing the Chapel was kept in perfect order for the Lord whom she loved so much. Mary had a wry sense of humour. Very often on Friday’s she would take herself off to Southend-on-Sea and  have a walk by the sea, visit the shops and have a cup of tea before returning for evening prayer. Mary came to Hackney in 1996 and although she came here to do less. She took on the Ministry of Sacristan which she loved. Mary was a kind, compassionate woman who loved her God. She loved to listen to people, to make them feel welcome. Another of her interests was art. She always enjoyed the Art Exhibition held here in the Hospice and when Joan Barry began to offer some painting classes she loved being part of it. Mary was very gracious and even when she began to become more and more dependent on others she accepted this state humbly and gratefully. Whenever you spoke to her she was always grateful for what was being done for her and how she was being looked after. I am so glad she managed to come to the new convent and experience her new surroundings for a short while.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff here in the convent who lovingly cared for and enabled Mary to remain at home for the last weeks of her life. Last week it was obvious Mary was on the final stage of her Earthly journey and it was a joy to see her surrounded by her sisters here in the convent sitting with her praying with her and above all assuring her of their love and faithfulness to her. Mary’s life ebbed away slowly and peacefully, she did not struggle.  She is now in Heaven and I know she will continue to intercede for us.
Well done good and faithful servant.