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Sister Teresa Eucharia Connolly

1924 - 2011

Born: 5th June 1924

Entered Religious Life: 18th November 1946

Died: 14th January 2011



Appreciation of Sr Teresa Eucharia Connolly

Eulogy given at Sr. Teresa Eucharia's funeral by Richard Connolly following the death of his Aunt Cora

Little did we think six months ago at the funeral of our Dad that we would be here today to say a final goodbye to our beloved Aunt Cora. Indeed, she was an inspiring source of help, encouragement and practical good sense during that sad times in our lives. But that was typical of our Aunt, who exuded incredible kindness, generosity and goodness to all members of her family throughout her life.
It is very evident from the genuine grief and sorrow expressed here at her passing of the esteem she was held in by her Religious family and community here at the Hospice and indeed her death will leave an enormous void in the lives of her lay family also.
We all have very fond memories of her as we grew up and I especially recall the many lovely holidays we spent in Dublin during the time she worked at Temple St. Hospital, when she would accompany us on trips to the zoo, Sandymount and Portmarnock beaches, etc. Indeed, I remember vividly when we would visit the ‘Golden Grill’ Restaurant in O’Connell St. and her amusement when we kids would always order ‘knickerbocker glories’ for dessert and, she invariably ordered one herself!
I know she intensely looked forward and relished her holidays and visits to the family home in Co. Limerick and also trips to her sister, Teresa, and her family in Co. Westmeath and of course to Peg in Co. Fermanagh. We in turn loved having her visit as it always meant presents for us!
I know she really loved visiting the neighbours and relatives on her trips home and it was particularly appropriate that she was able to return home before last Christmas and participate in the 175th Anniversary of our local Church, where of course she had been baptised.
In conclusion, and on behalf of her family, I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Aunt Cora for everything she did for us over the years and for the interest she always showed in our lives.
She truly was a living Saint.
May she rest in peace.