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World Environment Day

World Environment DayLife is sustained from the fruits and gifts that the planet provides for us, without these precious resources that we use to live, life would be unsustainable. It is important that we look after this gift from God and make sure we all play our part in leaving the world as we found it.  Often when we speak of the environment we associate it with words and phrases such as ‘pollution’ and ‘global warming’, while there is a very real and important reason for this, there is no reason that we can’t decide to make a conscious move to associate the environment with positive changes within our own lives.

The changes we can adopt ourselves to make the world a better place to live in can have huge effects. We should promote better stewardship amongst ourselves of our precious planet and teach that to the generations to come. We have become wasteful in society, quick to throwaway or demand more and more. But who does this serve? This contributes to the harm and damage of our planet, our home and is one that needs changing.

This World Environment Day we encourage you to take actions to better the environment, to accept the role of taking care of the planet and recognise your responsibility in conserving God’s gift for future generations. Teaching younger generations that to be aware of the environment doesn’t mean you have to limit your actions, but means that you can do more. Teach this to the younger generations by being an example, a leader and a true force for change.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘biodiversity’. Biodiversity is an important aspect towards looking after our planet and is something you can contribute towards. You don’t need to make huge changes to do your part for biodiversity. For example, if you have a garden you can designate a patch of it to go ‘wild’, let nature grow for its intended purpose. You can also plant native wildflowers which act as pollinators for insects, this is something you can do in your garden or from flower pots on a window sill.

World Environment Day takes place today the 5th of June, but is something you can celebrate every day.

Join us a prayer for the environment.

Prayer for the Environment

O Lord, grant us the grace to grow deeper in our respect of
And care for your Creation.
Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord, help us to recognize the sacredness of all of your
Creatures as signs of your wondrous love.
Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord, help us turn from the selfish consumption of
Resources meant for all and to see the impacts of our
choices on the poor and vulnerable.
Lord, hear our prayer.