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Anti Human Trafficking

Report from Ozoro Community, Nigeria

1801 trafficking ozoro thumbPoverty, unemployment, corruption, and greed has increased the rate of human and organ trafficking in Nigeria. On 25th January, I gave a talk to Students of Good Shepherd Secondary School, Oyede, Delta State. The two hundred and seventy students were so curious to know more about the modern slavery of human trafficking.

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2017 Highlight

The highlight of 2017 for our Inter-Congregational Anti-Human Trafficking Team was our meeting in Sydney Australia in October, 2017 for our biennial meeting with some of our colleagues. Those who attended the meeting are looking forward to working together during 2018 to continue to advocate and work for an end to Human Trafficking.

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Answering the ‘scream of pain’ of human trafficking victims

Sr. Gabriela Bottani, Comboni Sister is the co-ordinator of Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons. 
In an article in Crux she describes how an encounter with a trafficked person had an impact on her at an early stage in her religious life.  The encounter was a ‘moment of encounter with God that opened my eyes to the drama, the suffering of people like this girl and so many like her’. 
Read about her work HERE.

TRAC and Ten:Ten

1707 tracIn the English/Scottish Province we are part of TRAC (Trafficking Raising Awareness and Campaigning) an independent inter-congregational group of Religious and their co-workers working, as their title reads, to raise awareness of human trafficking and to help bring about change in legislation to decriminalise those trafficked while criminalising the perpetrators.

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Awareness Raising in Nigeria

1707 aht justina thumbSr. Justina Nelson works to raise awareness in Nigeria on the issue of Human Trafficking.    Recently she was interviewed by Quest FM, a radio station in Delta State.  She was delighted with the opportunity to reach a wider audience with her message.


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8th February - International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking

The International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking that will be celebrated on February 8, 2017 is approaching.  This year the programme introduces a new element. It invites us to focus on one specific aspect of the vast and complex world of human trafficking: the trafficking of boys, girls and adolescents with the specific slogan: They are just children! Not slaves! We invite you to join Religious Sisters of Charity throughout the world in praying for this special intention...

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